GBC - Global Business Consulting

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Our firm

Global Business Consulting provides a unique approach to clients’ needs for legal advice and strategic planning, based on the Firm’s extraordinary capacity to tailor work to specific client needs.

With international and local experience, Global Business Consulting is widely recognized for innovative solutions to partner with its clients in achieving their goals.

GBC - Global Business Consulting


Our services

The focus of our practice is identifying legal strategies and business management consultancy to achieve objectives that have an important impact on the client’s growth and profitability.

This includes strategic planning and legal risk management, contract negotiation, compliance protocols, corporate management and governance, always with a practical, creative and cost-efficient approach to the delivery of legal services

GBC - Global Business Consulting


Our team

We assemble the very best team possible to meet your unique challenges. Led by Managing Partner Olivier R. Schuhl, GBC encompasses a wide range of professionals in different areas to ensure a full focus of the client’s needs.

With strategic alliances in different jurisdictions, our firm can provide cross-border solutions, managing activities and delivery of advisors in other jurisdictions, assuring budget tracking and timeliness.

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